Friday, June 16, 2006

Reunited And It Feels So Good: Lost Loves Located

How cruel the ravages of time! Travis and Elizabeth, age 18, College of Charleston, 1984; shown here blissfully unaware of the soul-crushing weight of adult responsibility that lies ahead.

Thanks to the magic of Google, lost loves are recently reunited.

Mr. Travis Blackwell of Macon GA and Mrs. Elizabeth Collier Inabinet of Orangeburg, SC, were recently reunited after a 20-year separation. Travis Blackwell and Elizabeth Collier met in the summer of 1984 at an orientation prior to entering their freshman year at the College of Charleston. The strangers instantly formed a felicitous friendship. When the college semester began that fall, they were delighted to find that they were both assigned to the same co-ed dormitory, Wentworth Hall. They happily picked up their friendship and went on to share many college adventures. Though the two lost touch after college, the special bond between them was never broken. When recently Travis Blackwell endeavored to find his lost love, he began a search on Google, which quickly revealed one Mrs. Elizabeth C. Inabinet, partner in the McGregor accounting firm in Orangeburg, SC, the last known residence of his quarry. Though no photo was shown on the business website produced by the search, Travis took a chance that the “C” might stand for the maiden name Collier, and boldly beseeched the bookkeeper to disclose her whereabouts some 20 years prior. Upon receiving the query the former Miss Collier promptly replied, “I am so excited, I am at a loss for words!!” The two friends are now undertaking the task of catching up via e-mails. Mrs. Inabinet, still married to her high school sweetheart, Mr. Robin Inabinet, spoke proudly of their children:

“We have two boys, Will who is 11 and Evan who is 4. They are both gorgeous and smart - Will is the computer and electronics whiz and motor mouth. Evan is the ball player, lizard and bug catcher, and bb gun shooter---And they drive me nuts!”

Mr. Blackwell and Mrs. Inabinet plan to reunite in person sometime in the coming months.

Also reunited by Google are Travis Blackwell and two of his lost friends, Laurie Taylor Plumer and Kelly True. Both of these lucky ladies chanced to Google Mr. Blackwell, and found him well-documented on the search engine.

Mrs. Laurie Taylor Plumer is the former next door neighbor of Mr. Blackwell. The two often carpooled during their years together at Irmo High School in Columbia, SC and took part in many typical high school antics. Ms. Plumer is now married and the mother of two boys. She resides in Lexington, SC

The friendship with Ms. True was formed a bit later, but is no less enduring in nature. It was discovered that Ms. True is now residing in Atlanta, in close proximity to Mr. Blackwell. She also is happily married and has one little girl.


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