Saturday, June 03, 2006

Art Opening at Joycene's a Success!

North Beach

Conch Republic

Macon's First Friday event on June 2nd included an opening reception at Joycene's, 613 Cherry Street, for an art exhibition and sale featuring friends and artists Travis Blackwell, Jared Slack and Travis Hart (shown above l to r).

Despite brooding weather, the opening was well-attended and considered a smashing success by all. The exhibition featured photography by Travis Blackwell and paintings by Travis Hart and Jared Slack. Joycene's owner Barbara Barry served wine and hors d'oeuvres to guests as they mingled and browsed the eclectic artwork.

Many dear friends and co-workers dropped by, including (in order of appearance): Dr. Andy Ambrose, Anita Ponder, Toni and Guy Lachine, Crystal Watkins, Jeffrey Bruce, Rashonda Welch, Renita Patterson, Pat Person, Barbara and Mike Windom, John Mark Parker, and Brother and Catherine Lyles.

The reception took place from 6-9 pm, after which, the two Travi strolled the length of Cherry Street in search of a celebratory cocktail. In addition to the libations, the search revealed Carey Pickard who had promised to attend the opening, but failed to make an appearance. When confronted, the ever-deft Pickard feigned his presence at the show by speaking knowledgeably about one of Travis' pieces, In the Grove, which was displayed in the storefront window of Joycene's and undoubtedly viewed by Pickard as he passed by the reception on his way to some more exciting event.

Also discovered over drinks was a small amount of professional jealously owing to the tremendous buzz around the unusual and unique works by Travis Blackwell.

Click here to listen to an Audio Review of the opening by John Mark Parker (shown here on right)

See below more works shown by Travis Blackwell:
(Get a closer view by clicking on any of the images above or below)

Strumming My Heart

The Lady's Lament

The Captain's Indescretion

Castro Medusa

Self Portrait


In the Grove



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